Is there a minimum I need to purchase?

No. You can order any size from a 2’ x 3’ banner to a 20’ x 60’ billboard.

What type of payment can I use?

All orders are prepay and we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

What file types can I upload?

We accept Photoshop and Illustrator files as well as high resolution pdf, tiff, jpg etc.
Art should be designed @ a scale of 1" = 1' @ 300 dpi. Convert all text to outline paths. Use PMS pantone colors whenever possible, if not must use CMYK colors.

Your price is lower than other places, how is this possible?

We work in volume to set our cost low and pass these savings on to you. Prices are based off of customer supplied print ready art or purchasing our art service. Occasionally we are beat on price by an offshore printer. Don’t fall for an offshore gimmick and shipping nightmare. We print in and ship to the USA only.

What is the print resolution?

We have multiple options. Our Standard and High Quality (HQ) are available on both billboards and banners. Detailed photos showing each are available on the billboard and banner pages.

How would a standard billboard wrap be finished?

A standard 14’ x 48’ bulletin would have a 6” bleed inclusive of a 3” pocket on each side making the finished size 15’ x 49’.

How would a standard banner be finished?

A standard banner would have finished (double material) edges with grommets every 2’.

Which weight material do I need?

Our substrate of choice for your next banner or billboard is the Ultraflex Eclipse 7 oz. If you are ordering a bulletin billboard for Lamar, Outfront, Clear Channel, Adams, Fairway etc. they will only install the 7 ounce material (THEY WILL REFUSE HEAVY WEIGHT MATERIAL). If your project has special requirements for heavy weight material, we also carry the Ultraflex Normandy Eclipse 13 oz.

How much is shipping?

Standard orders ship ground to the Continental United States for a flat rate of 7.3¢ per square foot (with a minimum of $15). Overnight shipping is available on standard orders to the Continental United States for a flat rate of 29.6¢ per square foot (with a minimum of $75).

What is your turn around time?

Most billboard orders ship in 3 business days from order submission or proof approval. We offer an express print option which takes the turnaround time down to 2 business days. This express upgrade is only 5¢ per square foot (with a minimum of $7.50). Turn around times are never guaranteed and may vary slightly depending on current print load. Additional services such as HQ printing, custom finishing or grommets may add additional finishing time. Ground shipping times are:

What is your warranty?

Our printed vinyl is guaranteed for twelve (12) months against fading in excess of 15%. We do not cover material damage caused by improper installation or storage.

Is the price calculated by the live or finished area?

Printing prices are calculated by the live area. We do not charge for billboard bleed or pocket area up to 6” each direction. Bleeds or pockets larger than 6” may incur a small surcharge.

Can I pick my order up?

No. We don’t offer local pickup availability. Orders are boxed and shipped immediately after finishing, no orders will be stored for local pickup.

How do I receive 59¢ per square foot printing?

We specialize in 14’ x 48’ 7 ounce billboard printing. The 59¢ per square foot price applies to 14’ x 48’ billboard faces with standard billboard finishing (6” pole pocket & bleed – no grommets). No gang printing, size or finishing substitutions.

How should I store my printed billboards or banners?

Store them the same way they were shipped. Never fold and store with ink touching ink.

What is the short run fee?

The short run fee helps us recover processing, finishing, administrative and shipping costs on smaller jobs. This fee is applied to orders under 288 square feet. Our low pricing structure is based off our production ability of 3,800 square feet per hour.

Do you have more questions?

We would love to answer them for you! Please use our chat app or email