Billboard Order

Billboards never looked better! Our 7 and 13 ounce material are used for indoor & outdoor billboard applications. Most outdoor advertising companies are exclusively ordering the 7 ounce material for their applications. Both materials are black backed and durable. PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering a bulletin for Lamar, Outfront, Clear Channel, Adams, Fairway etc. they will only install the 7 ounce material (THEY WILL REFUSE HEAVY WEIGHT MATERIAL).

Our standard billboard finishing adds a 6” bleed inclusive of a 3” pole pocket to each edge. A 12’ x 24’ billboard with standard billboard finishing will have a finished size of 13’ x 25’. When ordering enter the live area (12’ x 24’) in the order form. Bleed can be built into your file or we can blur the edge art for the bleed area to wrap around the back of the billboard.

Your installers will really appreciate our install guides. Our time in the outdoor advertising business has taught us what you need! Every billboard face is printed with top line and corner alignment marks helping your installers save time by getting the placement right the first time.

For most billboard applications our standard print quality will provide an exceptional look. If viewers will be very close (for example an interior mall billboard), you have the option of upgrading the print quality to our HQ Print for only 15¢ a square foot.


13 oz vinyl

High Resolution Printing Art Service

Need your job faster? Reduce printing and finishing time from 3 days to 2 days.